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JP-S6111889-A: Pattern recognition system patent, JP-S6111983-A: Information storage system patent, JP-S61120339-A: Magnetic recording medium patent, JP-S61120652-A: Industrial robot patent, JP-S61121756-A: Disc type brushless dc motor patent, JP-S61122599-A: Method of melting spent nuclear fuel patent, JP-S6112379-A: Recorder patent, JP-S61124082-A: Center electrode for super plug patent, JP-S61124278-A: Starting method of induction motor patent, JP-S61124318-A: Shaking sorting shelf of threshing machine patent, JP-S61124649-A: Fluid jet control in fluid jet loom patent, JP-S61124891-A: Spacer in fuel aggregate patent, JP-S61125613-A: Steering control unit of automatically traveling working automobile patent, JP-S61126138-A: Photo-curable resin composition patent, JP-S61126431-A: Infrared detecting device patent, JP-S61126666-A: Data recording system patent, JP-S61128274-A: Fixing device patent, JP-S61129409-A: Supervisory method of steam turbine nozzle blade patent, JP-S61130972-A: Recording device patent, JP-S61133706-A: Polarized wave discriminating antenna patent, JP-S6113421-A: Magnetic tape having leader tape patent, JP-S61135850-A: Brake system with anti-locking device patent, JP-S61136153-A: Command retrial system patent, JP-S61136161-A: Working process planning systsem for individual production patent, JP-S61137572-A: Golf ball excluding apparatus patent, JP-S61138018-A: Heat recovering method from high temperature gas patent, JP-S61138901-A: Polarizer for liquid crystal display element patent, JP-S61139327-A: Fence like net patent, JP-S61139496-A: Bookbinding device patent, JP-S61140742-A: Vaporizer structure of heat pump type heater for low temperature water patent, JP-S61141039-A: Information processor patent, JP-S61141040-A: Logical circuit patent, JP-S61141374-A: High frequency electrode type drip alarm patent, JP-S61141849-A: Production of barley gruel patent, JP-S61142027-A: Preparation of metal fiber for electric conduction of plastics patent, JP-S61142244-A: Method and apparatus for enclosing eaves trough and trough receiving fittings by protective cover patent, JP-S61142479-A: Breaker tester for closed switch-board patent, JP-S61144383-A: Transparent recording original drawing and its manufacture patent, JP-S61144570-A: Reagent-impregnated filter paper patent, JP-S61144579-A: Electric field strength measuring device patent, JP-S61144886-A: Photocell element patent, JP-S61145149-A: Novel diaminoalkyldiphenyl ether, synthesis and use patent, JP-S61145321-A: Rotary piston engine made of metal-carbon composite at least in part patent, JP-S61145963-A: Picture signal processing device patent, JP-S6114694-A: Display screen control system patent, JP-S61147227-A: Generating device for light pulse patent, JP-S6115035-A: Air direction plate driving device in air conditioning apparatus patent, JP-S61151376-A: Construction of roof of petroleum storing tank patent, JP-S61152196-A: Subscriber number adding method patent, JP-S61152287-A: Carcinospecific cdna patent, JP-S61153654-A: Automatic developing device patent, JP-S61154363-A: Phase synchronizing system of facsimile equipment patent, JP-S61154397-A: Key telephone system patent, JP-S61155762-A: Rotational speed detector patent, JP-S61156446-A: Selecting system of replacing object patent, JP-S61158689-A: Protection structure of thin film el panel patent, JP-S61158757-A: Sweetening of noodle with panax ginseng patent, JP-S61160039-A: Photoacoustic analytical apparatus patent, JP-S61160316-A: Air duct structure patent, JP-S61160391-A: Howling prevention propeller patent, JP-S61161011-A: Ripple filter circuit patent, JP-S61161440-A: Standard reagent for quantitative determination patent, JP-S61162104-A: Soil build-up apparatus in rice field ridge shaping machine patent, JP-S61162476-A: Group controller for elevator patent, JP-S61163320-A: Colored liquid crystal display cell patent, JP-S61163362-A: Dust collector of electrophotographic device patent, JP-S61163421-A: Controller of reactive power of three-phase inbalanced load patent, JP-S61163496-A: Invasion monitor patent, JP-S61164025-A: Exhaust gas filter for diesel engine patent, JP-S61164555-A: Shoulder and foot beating mechanism by air release patent, JP-S61164661-A: Wet type electric precipitator patent, JP-S61165718-A: Aspherical lens for indirect inverted image eyeground speculum patent, JP-S61165936-A: Manufacture of linear cathodes patent, JP-S6116610-A: Surface acoustic wave element patent, JP-S6116612-A: Comparator circuit patent, JP-S61166228-A: Overload compensation type digital-analog converting circuit patent, JP-S61167345-A: Control circuit in parallel operation for power inverter patent, JP-S6116894-A: Optical recording medium patent, JP-S61170590-A: Production of shell for electroforming patent, JP-S61170600-A: Electrolytic etching method of thin metallic film patent, JP-S61171097-A: Discharge lamp lighting apparatus patent, JP-S61171327-A: Composite helmet and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S61171577-A: Conveyor for material to be selected in selector patent, JP-S61171971-A: Supply cock for liquid, particularly, beer patent, JP-S61172186-A: Display unit patent, JP-S61172478-A: Scanning input device patent, JP-S61172639-A: Production device of metal plated wire patent, JP-S61172762-A: Pin tractor apparatus of printer patent, JP-S61173734-A: Electrode body of electric shock type insect control apparatus patent, JP-S61175127-A: Driving-asleep preventer patent, JP-S61175360-A: Memorization of piston stroke position of automatic transmission patent, JP-S61176903-A: Module of luminous element patent, JP-S61178710-A: Thin film magnetic head and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S61179439-A: Heat developing device patent, JP-S61180814-A: Recirculating valve overall controller patent, JP-S6118118-A: Temperature coefficient variable capacitor patent, JP-S61182207-A: Magnetic recorder/reproducer patent, JP-S61182374-A: Thermal head drive method patent, JP-S61183440-A: Production of iron-base sintered material patent, JP-S61183493-A: Adjustment of inter-electrode distance in one-side plating patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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